Deploy IGRs Responsibly

Trust the technology and deploy IGRs responsibly.

Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) are a top shelf solution in the treatment of Termites. When IGRs are deployed under “Best Practice” processes they are highly effective, very safe, and have an extremely low impact on the environment. Pesense is all about the detection of termites and the deployment of IGRs in a responsible,  measured, and effective manner.

The growing trend of blindly deploying IGRs as a first line saturation strategy, to manage termite pressure, is a practice that should be questioned.

The treatment of termites, using IGRs is a well-recognized and understood process. In some circumstances a professional may be able to substantiate a saturation strategy based on location, experience, and best practices. On the other hand, to blindly promote and implement saturation (shotgun) deployment of an active pesticide, over the targeted treatment of a detected pest contradicts the ethos of the industry. Secondly to enable untrained “DIYers” to deploy and dispense IGRs as a preventative strategy, is irresponsible. From an environmental point of view the “shotgun” strategy boarders on careless as a professional and in the hands of DIY operators, a disaster waiting to happen in a local waterway.

There are no arguments or light bulb moments, the IGR Chemical Manufactures declare in their own safety documentation, of the grave risk IGRs present to aquatic environments. They use words such as (DOW) “is very highly toxic to aquatic invertebrate organisms on an acute basis” and (BASF) “Very toxic to aquatic organisms. May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment”. A red flag direct from two manufacturers, who promote saturation deployment of their products as a first line practice.  A reasonable strategy for a chemical company?

Using modern technology, Pesense is able to determine the need and timing  of IGR deployment. This modern approach delivers a highly effective,  Low Toxicity, Termite Targeted Solution.

Deploy IGRs Responsibly.

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