Reducing Toxins 

Pesense is at the leading edge of low toxicity pest management, applying technology to develop zero or low toxicity solutions. In a world highly aware and sensitive to toxicity, it is incumbent on the pest control industry to minimize it’s environmental impacts. Pesense is focused on developing the most efficient, always active, zero or low toxicity pest management solutions available.

TermiSensor is an industry first Electronic Termite Monitoring system.  TermiSensor is alert 24/7 to the presence of intruding termites.

When detected and only when detected the intruding termites can be neutralised by the Pest Specialist. To achieve this the Pest Specialist uses a targeted application of Insecticide. A low toxicity Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) is most commonly used. The process causes the offending termite colony to collapse, eliminating the risk to the home or property.

IGRs are considered extremely low in toxicity with respect to mammals and birds, while highly effective in the control of insect pests. It must be noted that IGR Manufacturer’s warn in their Safety Assessment Documentation that IGRs are not to be introduced to waterways, where they are highly toxic to aquatic invertebrates. 

TermiSensors provides the Pest Specialist with the most efficient tool to deliver the termite treatment only when needed and at exactly the right time (when termites are vigorously  feeding). This optimizes the effectiveness while minimizing wastage and the impact on the environment. Always active saturation strategies used by other providers cannot provide the same guarantees.

TermiSensor is the greener, safer always active Termite Solution.

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