Smart Termite Monitors

 Three key features of well-designed smart termite monitors.

Detection, Aggregation and Retention

  1. Detection – The patented Pesense TermiSensor provides the “SMART” termite detection. TermiSensor detects the instinctive response of invading termites. See earlier posts focused on the features of TermiSensor .
  1. Aggregation – Early reliable detection is key in a ‘Smart pest management’ solution, while aggregation of invading termites is just as important when implementing a baiting program. Baiting is a numbers game, the more “worker termites” you are able to aggregate, the better the transfer of the active ingredient when baiting. The basis ingredient for aggregation is a monitor loaded with a termite preferred food source. A termite monitor designed with a multi-chamber environment will deliver superior results. Successful aggregation ensures a higher likelihood of transitioning feeding termites from a natural food source to a baiting matrix which is the end game of any baiting program.
  1. Retention – Retaining the interest of infesting termites is dependent upon providing a palatable cellulose based food source of sufficient volume. Volume is key, whether the species be the sedate Heterotermes, home destroying Coptotermes or the aggressive, king of all tropical termites Mastotermes. If you don’t have retention, baiting will not be successful.

The Pesense TermiSensor does integrate and has been proven to work in most termite monitors. When selecting a termite monitor, take a second look. Using the above criteria to verify you are selecting a quality monitor.  Regions prone to more aggressive termite species should pay particular attention to the termite monitor selection, your business reputation may depend upon it.

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