Always Alert

Be proactive and always alert when it comes to Termites, for exactly the same reason you lock your door when leave your home.

 Termites are the ultimate covert intruder. They gaining access without approval, vandalise and rob resale value from your home. If termites go undetected, they can inflict tens of thousands of dollars damage in a very short period of time.

 Be proactive and mitigate termite intrusion risks to your property.

 Pre-construction (new property)

  • obtain professional advice regarding termite prevention
  • adopt regionally recommended pre-construction termite barriers
  • use products and materials that are termite resistant

Post-construction (existing property)

Ongoing mitigation programs commonly fit two forms:

  • Termite barriers
  • Termite baiting systems

Barriers provide a chemical “bubble” of protection for your home and are a key tool in mitigating termite intrusion risk. Barriers are not a set and forget or fool proof method of protection.

  1. The chemical “bubble” deteriorates over time. The Barrier requires to be replenished or replaced with more chemical on a regular basis.
  2. If not applied or installed correctly the chemical barrier may only be partially effective
  3. The chemical barrier can be compromised if it is disturbed i.e. gardens, tree roots or earth works
  4. Different soil types impact the effectiveness of chemical barriers

Chemical Barriers do not address termite pressure on the home. The home is protected from termites while the chemical barrier is not compromised.

The potential for termites to be foraging in the surrounding area of the property goes unaddressed. Over time and across seasons the level of termite activity will vary. It is fair to say it is likely to increase over time.

Baiting systems are used to manage the level of termite activity within the surrounding area of the property.

The Pesense TermiSensor is a Wireless Sensors (WiSe) which is mounted in Termite Stations. The systems uses a highly effective environmentally responsible baiting technique. The patented TermiSensors  are always alert 24/7 , providing the property owner with round the clock confidence. When TermiSensors detect the presence of termites, the termite colony is targeted and destroyed. This safe and environmentally responsible method reduces or eliminating termite risk to the property.

TermiSensor is the latest breakthrough in termite management.

A professional termite mitigation program will include more than one of the above elements, consult your local Pest Professional for advice.

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