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The Pest Sensor and Live Monitoring Specialists.

Adding Pesense TermiSensors to current monitoring systems redefines “Best Practice”

By adding Pesense TermiSensors to monitors, a manual inspection routine is brought fully into the 21st Century with live alerts and interactive reporting of the monitors in the area surrounding the home…every day of every year.


Experienced Professionals

Certified Pesense installers are also experts in their field of pest management



Professional & Friendly Staff

Your certified Pesense installers will present “Best Practice” strategies and offer you guidance based on their experience


Everyday Confidence

Pesense TermiSensors report into the database everyday of the year


The Digital Era has arrived for termite monitoring

The Pesense TermiSensors intercept and report the presence of Termites via the internet


Significant Improvement

Knowing immediately when a monitor is under attack is a major improvement in an already successful termite control system


Environmentally Responsible

TermiSensors are always alert, active ingredients are applied at precisely the right time, when termites are detected and have commenced feeding

Always active and environmentally responsible

24/7 protection against termite intrusion