Accelerate your business into the future with RPMs

 Accelerate your Business into the future with RPMs (Remote Pest Monitors).

Pesense develops internet connected Remote Pest Monitors (RPMs). Pesense is more than a product company, Pesense is a gateway to a business growth strategy.

When a pest control business makes the decision to adopt RPMs, it’s more than a decision about product selection, it is a business strategy. A decision to grow the business while drawing on the benefits of internet connected devices (IoT).

When committing to RPMs, the business is transitioning to a business:

  • which provides clients with round the clock confidence
  • driven by real time data
  • that is responsive
  • saving the client money i.e. preventing damage to assets or goods while insuring business continuity.
  • that will grow with a lower Technician : Client Ratios
  • that can potentially realize better “time on site charge rates” i.e. reduced visit frequency, higher rates.
  • that supports staff training, enhancing the Professional Development of staff.
  • with potentially higher staff retention, realize a higher level of job satisfaction. e.g. the elimination of time consuming mundane procedures. Station checks will be replaced with more positive site visits i.e. treating or removing pests.
  • with customer “touch points” which are targeted, based on real time data.
  • with reduced F2F contact but likely to be during more positive procedures i.e. during treatment or pest removal.
  • practicing Lower Toxicity.

The move to RPM is about realizing efficiency, growth, and a better ROI, is that not Smart?

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