Why Electronic Termite Monitoring makes such good sense.

Why Electronic Termite Monitoring makes such good sense.
The image of rodents in one’s home or business can raise “Everest like emotions”. Setting aside the emotive reasoning rodents bring the risk to property and health. Based on this reasoning Electronic Rodent Monitoring is justified as a viable pest management solution bringing with it all the advantages digital monitoring delivers.

Rodent monitoring is the first Digitally Monitored pest to be viewed as a business sector. This sector is growing extremely fast, learning from its mistakes and adjusting quickly.

Rodents are a worthy adversary when it comes to eradication. Despite exhibiting a level of predictable behaviour, rodents:
·        have the capability to learn, making a single solution inadequate
·        breed quickly
·        travel quickly
·        transition between properties easily

Their high mobility can generate frequent daily, even frequent hourly detection events which loads analytics, dashboard displays and response management strategies.

When seasonally high activity occurs the demand on service providers can be somewhat overwhelming, requiring frequent, even daily site visits.

Termites on the other hand produce the same “Everest like emotions” while arguable cause more property damage than that of rodents. In warmer climates, homeowner’s fear termite infestations beyond all other pests. Electronic Termite monitoring can be justified as a viable pest management business in these climates. There is no doubt termite monitoring brings its own challenges but with the right technology termite monitoring makes even more sense.

Why Electronic Termite monitoring:
·        Single Sensor solution fits all – Termites are not intelligent
·        Detection is prevention
·        Termites are colony based, they don’t pick up and move residents, they eat residences.
·        IGR treatments kill the colony, not individuals. If a colony is spread across multiple properties, the colony is eradicated.
·        A Termite treatment requires a monthly follow up, not daily which can be the case during a rodent infestation.

Take the leap into electronic termite monitoring.

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