TermiSensor not just a sensor but a “Time Generator” 

TermiSensor not just as sensor but a “Time Generator”, what do we mean?

As a product developer it may appear that we at Pesense are hung up on the product and how well it works. In reality, Pesense is all about the business and how technology can be deployed to grow a business, either through sales or realization of efficiencies. All businesses struggle with the finitely limited resource of time. With a fixed number of work hours/day, what business wouldn’t want a “Time Generator”?

Well, if you’re in the business of pest control we have one for you, or at least the next best thing. Pesense has developed a new generation termite sensor for baiting systems, the TermiSensor.  The TermiSensor detects the instinctive behavior of Termites and signals their presence via the Internet. The Pest Control Technician need only “go when they know” inspecting only the Active Monitor, truly saving a significant amount of time.

No need to travel to site every 6 to 8 weeks to inspection all monitors. All you need to do is refresh the stations annually and inspect the monitors when alarmed.  The TermiSensor “Time Generator” further enhances the Technicians efficiency by enabling them to easily identify the termite species while active and treat the infestation as the termites are harvesting. This presents the Pest Control Technician with the best opportunity to eliminate the colony in the most effective and efficient manner.

The TermiSensor further enhances the efficiency of the traditional baiting system by alerting the Pest Control Technician of ant and slug infestations which nullify the effectiveness of a baiting station.

With the fear of sounding like a salesman, “that is not all” the Pesense App enables the Technician to record and report service details, while building on a data base of historical information. This accumulating data / information will allow the Pest Business to focus future sales programs, and interact with their customers Wow! a money generator too?

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